Thursday, February 5, 2009

The adventure of a lifetime and more...

Grab your peanuts and soda because you are in for the ride of a lifetime. This blog has been created so that Team Verba Non Facta can share every tear, scrape, bump, triumph, and ludicrous moment that happens along our 7000+ mile long foray into uncharted territory. As my colleague Jake so adequately described, this adventure is the brainchild of several 'game' nights that took place at a mutual friends' abode, the aforementioned Mr. Brian Miller.

I must say however, that my first introduction to the idea came when we were returning from a road trip to Las Vegas. The five participants in that journey were Brian, Adam Hyatt, Jason Shelley, Joe Hilton, and Myself. (Funny we had a Hilton and a Hyatt and still had to pay for a hotel :/) After a successful endeavor to win a Magic card tournament at the local casino (a story for another time) and a victory celebration meal at the local In N' Out Burger, we began the arduous drive back to the greater Salt Lake Valley. This particular return trip burns bright in my mind to this day. The conversation we had amongst the five of us ranks in my top conversations of all time, spanning various subjects from the meaning of life to the adventures we had in our short life times to that point. During this conversation Bryan brought up the subject of the Gumball 3000 road rally. (For those who have no clue what this is, here is a link to the website that describes it: As you are hopefully now aware, the Gumball is not a rally for the faint of heart, or wallet for that matter, so it behooves me to say that I was not likely to participate in it anytime soon, to my discontent. But then Bryan brought to our attention another rally, one that was more accessible and available for anyone brave enough to try.

During the remainder of the conversation Bryan mentioned that all of us in the vehicle were now 'obligated' to go on the rally and if we didn't he would personally harm us to some degree (sorry Bryan, can't remember exactly what the threat consisted of). The humor of all this is that Bryan and I are the only participants left from the conversation and I have proof that no harm has come to any of the others, where's the consistency with that?

So here we are at last, a team from lowly Utah is bound for the Eastern world, please help Jake, Bryan, Ken, and I make this a great success by posting comments and questions, and more importantly supporting us through your charitable and/or sponsorship donations,


Geoff Dearing

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